Transcend, Palm Beach is a local non-profit organization working for the success and wellness of the Palm Beach community. We empower students, families, veterans, and organizations through the Transcendental Meditation  (TM  ) technique and related programs. The TM technique enhances an individual’s ability to accomplish goals and enjoy life more.


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Some of the benefits of the TM technique:

Anxiety & Stress

It's simple — with too much stress, you can't enjoy your life. It also puts your health at risk, and contributes to a host of problems — anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and more.

Heart Health

Find out more about the research on Transcendental Meditation and how this effortless and enjoyable technique safeguards your heart.


When we feel better, we get along better with our friends, family, and coworkers better. When we are less stressed, our relationships become smoother, more enjoyable, and fulfilling.

Sharper Focus

Gain greater creativity, awareness, and productivity by enhancing the tool you use most every day - your brain. Transcendental Meditation promotes whole-brain coherence so you can accomplish your goals with greater ease.


Stress causes us to age faster. Did you know that by meditating twice a day you can reduce the effects of time on your mind and body? Research shows that biological aging slows in those experiencing the deep rest of the Transcendental Meditation technique.


We will always have to deal with the changes and surprises of life, but we don't have to be deeply affected by them. The TM technique develops resiliance to life's storms, allowing us an inner calm that supports our progress and happiness.

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